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Space available at Summer Reading Program

By Dwayne Culpepper
Staff Writer

The Youth IMPACT Center still has spaces available for students in their summer reading program.

There are around 15 students there now and they have room for more. The program lasts from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. weekdays and that includes a snack and a hot lunch – all free of cost. The program will run until July 26th but they will be taking off the first week in July to celebrate the Independence Day holiday.

Nehemiah Calhoun, Carter Bolling, Jeremiah Stephens and Grace Trejo at the summer reading program.

The summer reading program is to help out with students so that they may not fall behind in the schools. So many students go home during the summer and do not pick up the first book to read, while others are reading every day and that puts those who don’t at a disadvantage when they start back to school. There are several transition students, recently graduated Seniors on their way to college, there that are helping out and are eager to get these young students ahead. The course of study is an intensive reading program, sight work, vocabulary, spelling and definitions. Reading a word and not knowing what it means is a mute point and that is where the Center comes in to help.
The program is focused on the second and third grade level students but will work with any student that may need help.
For more information please visit the Youth IMPACT Center, located next to the hospital here in Lakeland, and get your child started today to a better and brighter future.

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