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MISSING: Sheriff’s Office still investigating disappearance of Brandon Helms seven years ago

Note: In the Advocate’s print version of this story, the jump was omitted. The story is in its entirety is below. 


The Lanier County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the 2015 disappearance of Brandon Helms.  

In December 2015, Brandon Helms left his Teeterville Highway home, leaving behind his vehicle and other personal belongings and no one has heard from Brandon since that day. Brandon would have celebrated a birthday in March and would now be 49 years old.

Brandon Helms (pictured) was last seen at his Teeterville Highway home in December of 2015.

A report was filed with the Sheriff’s Office and an investigation immediately launched.  Many investigative hours have been dedicated to this case and several pieces of forensic evidence have been examined but nothing has provided positive results. As time has passed, tips have been provided to Sheriff’s Office investigators none of which led to finding out what happened to Brandon Helms or where he is.        

Investigators are seeking the public’s help to find Brandon.  Sheriff Nick Norton said “with the passing of time, many things change” and believes someone has the information needed to solve this case.  

“If someone knows something, no matter how small it may seem, we would like to receive that information,” said Norton.   “That small bit may be the piece of the puzzle that leads to larger pieces. For almost 7 years we have worked on this case and will continue to investigate any lead that we develop or is provided to us.  We will not give up!”  

Brandon’s family, including his mother, Gail Helms has not given up hope and wonders everyday where her son is.  She has remained in contact with sheriff’s office investigators throughout the investigation.  

Anyone with information on this case, or any other case is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at {229} 482-3545.

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